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You Are My Friend CD by Christopher Davis and Matt Huesmann


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Product Description

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You are My Friend features the child’s name 98 times throughout this 21-minute CD. The storyline for this collection is “a day in the life of the child.” This collection offers fun songs by our award-winning composers about playing, learning, singing and dancing. The songs are upbeat and playful, guaranteed to get your child clapping and dancing to the beat. Children enjoy songs about playing make believe, identifying the colors of the rainbow, and pretending to be animals.

The song list includes:

  • Let’s Spend the Day Together
  • Let’s Pretend
  • I Spy
  • What’s My Name
  • Look at You
  • With Two
  • You’re Special
  • You are My Friend
Personalization ideas for the CD label:

  • Happy Birthday
  • You are a special girl/boy
  • Our special gift from Heaven
  • I am glad you are my friend
  • It is fun to have you as a friend
  • Sending you love across the miles