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You’re a Winner CD by Christopher Davis and Matt Huesmann


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Product Description

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You’re A Winner is a collection of 8 upbeat pop songs, using the child’s name 79 times, produced for the enjoyment of youths age 6 and above.

An upbeat, energetic, positive and motivational album that instills values to young children. “You’re A Winner” includes a unique blend of sounds and rhythms recorded by 7 professional Nashville singers and 6 studio musicians.

The Song list includes:

  • You Are A Winner
  • I Know
  • Have Fun
  • You’ve Got Friends
  • Respect
  • You’re My Friend
  • You’ve Got Friends Remix
  • Hokey Pokey
Personalization ideas for the CD label:

  • Happy Birthday
  • You are a special girl/boy
  • Congratulations (Name)!
  • It is fun to have you as a friend
  • Sending you love across the miles