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It’s Your Birthday CD by Christopher Davis and Matt Huesmann


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Product Description

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This is a new collection of Birthday songs. It has fun, upbeat songs that kids love! Hip, Hip Hooray, It’s Your Birthday features the child’s name 41 times throughout the 20-minute CD. The original songs are written by Christopher Davis and Matthew Husemann. They have composed and produced for such labels as God Prints, Cedarmont Kids, Golden Books and Veggie Tales.

The classics include:

  • Personalized Intro
  • Birthday Parade
  • Hip, Hip Hooray
  • How Many Candles
  • Happy Birthday
  • Birthday Wish
Personalization ideas for the CD label:

  • Happy Birthday (name)
  • Celebrate this wonderful day!
  • You are a blessing and you are blessed
  • Wish we were there to sing with you!