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You Can Do Anything! CD by Christopher Davis and Matt Huesmann


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Product Description

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Introducing “You Can Do Anything” . . . an album of 8 original upbeat, exciting and fun songs personalized using the child’s name an amazing 106 times. Stressing the importance of imagination and determination, the child can do anything, and dreams can come true.

This CD is recommended for children of all ages and a personal message can be printed on the label.

Track list:

  • You Can Do Anything
  • Way Too Much To Do
  • Simon Says!
  • If They Put You In Charge of the Zoo
  • All Because of You
  • In Your Own Backyard
  • Junk Food Flavored Healthy Veggie Treats
  • Tomorrow
Personalization ideas for the CD label:

  • You are a special girl/boy
  • I am glad you are my friend
  • It is fun to have you as a friend
  • Sending you love across the miles